Rose Robertson

My name is Rose 😊
I’m a frontend developer living in Victoria, BC.

I work at Flow as a JavaScript developer.

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I am not currently looking for work 👩‍💻

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Rose Robertson

A bit about my technical background

I first started to become interested in web development and programming when I was in my early teens. I spent countless hours of my free time growing up working on personal websites and writing small programs.

After graduating high school, I attended Camosun College and did a two year diploma in Computer Systems Technology, which was basically just a bunch of courses consisting of both hands-on programming in a variety of languages as well as some classes that focused more on technical writing, math, computer science history, and theory.

I won a couple of scholarships while I was at Camosun in recognition of high performance, and I graduated with honours.

I’ve always been drawn towards frontend work, but after attending Camosun and seeing the wide range of technical work available, I was pretty open to going any direction. Luckily, a classmate of mine recognized that the frontend was my true passion and encouraged me to apply at a company called Atomic Crayon where I was hired as a junior dev. At Atomic Crayon, I worked with C# and a lot, as well as some PHP, HTML, and CSS.

After about a year with Atomic Crayon, I was hired at MetaLab and had the really exciting opportunity to be on a three-person team doing a complete overhaul of one of their SaaS products, Ballpark. In retrospect, I was still so incredibly green and I can’t believe we pulled it off. But it was an awesome experience and I learned a ton.

Once the Ballpark overhaul was launched successfully, I was moved over to one of MetaLab’s other SaaS products, Flow, where I worked with a larger team and alongside some really great mentors who I will be eternally grateful to for teaching me so, so much. Fast-forward 5 years: I still work for Flow today as the web team lead. I absolutely love my job. The work is interesting, my co-workers are wonderful, and Flow is a supportive and awesome employer ❤️

Although I’ve been involved in development for almost twenty years (if you count my teenaged hobby! 9 years professionally 🙂) I still feel so green a lot of the time. Being a programmer is a weird mix of learning and knowing a lot … and also knowing nothing at all. I don’t know if that ever completely goes away.

I know a lot of programmers who seem to have boundless energy and maintain some really awesome open source work alongside having a full-time job. I… do not have that boundless energy. Mostly all the programming I do happens at work 😛 I have occasionally dabbled in some small open-source projects, both as a contributor and as an owner. Recently I have spent some time maintaining markdown-draft-js which is a tool that allows you to convert content from facebook’s WYSIWYG editor to markdown and vice-versa.

You can always check out my profile on github if you want to see some of the other small things I’ve been involved in.

A bit about meeee

Other than being a developer, I am a lover of dogs and very interested in dog training! I write a bit about this on my dog blog,

I also really like reading fiction, binge watching various popular TV series with my husband, Ben, and enjoying the scenery walking around beautiful Victoria, where I live.

At the time of writing this, I live in a small house in Victoria with my aforementioned husband and our young daughter (“P” - born early 2018) as well as our much-loved-and-spoiled Rottweiler cross, Betsy.

I’m on parental leave with our little girl until early 2019 😊

I have a private instagram account but if we know each other at all IRL or are online friends, I will gladly accept friend requests there. Mostly dog and baby pics.

What about this website?

Just a bit of HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of JS polish. Nothing too crazy happening here. Hosted by Digital Ocean.